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Jennifer  Raack
Content/Academic Mastery

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Jennifer Raack

As a child, Mrs. Raack would come home from school and tell her parents, "My teacher does not like me.  She makes me stay after school and read every day!"

The young Mrs. Raack hated reading!  It was SO HARD!!!  All of the other students were already reading books and she could not even read one word.  She could not understand why her teacher would keep her after school and make her try to read when she hated it so much.  She was truly convinced the teacher did not like her.

(This is often how a child who is struggling to learn feels)!

In her first grade eyes, she could not see what a gift the teacher was giving her.  Now, as an adult, Mrs. Raack realizes how much of a differnce one teacher made in her life.  She is so thankful for the teacher who was so determined to help her become a successful reader!

Mrs. Raack has not forgotten what it felt like to struggle and she brings that memory with her as she helps students achieve Content Mastery.  She loves to watch the delight in a student's eyes when he finally understands a process and she works compassionately with the student who is struggling to understand.

Mrs. Raack, and her husband Paul, have been married since July 1989 and have four children and one daughter-in-law.  They also have two dogs (a YorkiPoo and a Great Pyrenese Shepherd mix).   

By the way, Mrs. Raack LOVES to read now.  She is also an avid writer and hopes to publish a book someday.